The Utility Contractors' Association of Ontario recognizes safety as one of the most important facets of overall work performance in the construction industry, and the major impact safety has on a company's overall success.

Contractor Safety Awards


The Safety Awards Program was introduced in 2006 to recognize excellence in safety. Through this program, the Association recognizes those contractor members with the best annual performance in safety. The awards are determined by the safety statistics provided to the Association by the contractor members.

Since 2011, awards for best safety performance are given in three categories: contractors with greater than 250,000 hours worked; contractors with 100,000 to 250,000 hours worked, and contractors with greater than 20,000 but less than 100,000 hours worked. The safety performance is based on the contractor’s lost-time injury frequency rate and the severity of the lost-time injuries. This information is provided to the Association by April 30th of the year following the year in which the hours are worked.

These awards are presented to the winning member company or companies at the Association’s Annual Convention held in late July.

All contractors who participate in this program are presented with a certificate acknowledging their participation.

Employee Safety Initiative Award

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In 2010, the Association implemented an annual awards program that recognizes one employee from each Association member company who has had a positive impact on safety performance within that company by demonstrating outstanding initiative in the promotion or enhancement of his or her employer’s safety program, whether it be assisting other employees, personal job performance, recommending improvements to existing programs, or similar actions. 

Every member of the Utility Contractors Association of Ontario, whether they are a Contractor Member or an Associate Member, is eligible to nominate someone from the company to receive this award for the previous calendar year. There can only be ONE person nominated to receive this award from each member company. Persons not eligible for this award are those employed by their company’s safety department.

The names of the award recipients are announced at the Association’s Annual Convention in late July. The recipients receive their awards later in the year.